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ILLAPA (coral,magnezit,elemente argintate,fir metalic)
KON (coral,coral fosil,elemente argintate,fir metalic)
INTI (coral,magnezit,elemente argintate,fir metalic)
APO (coral,coral fosil,magnezit,elemente argintate,fir metalic)
cercei,magnezit,coral,lemn,elemente argintate
cercei coral verde,lemn,elemente argintate
cercei lemn,elemente argintate
cercei coral verde,elemente argintate
cercei coral si coral fosil,elemente argintate
cercei coral fosil,elemente argintate
Apo or Apu was a god of mountains
Illapa ("thunder and lightning"; aka Apu Illapu, Ilyap'a, Katoylla) was a very popular weather god. His holiday was on July 25. He was said to keep the Milky Way in a jug and use it to create rain. He appeared as a man in shining clothes, carrying a club (weapon) and stones. He was formerly the main god of the Kingdom of Colla after which the Collasuyu province of the Inca empire was named.
Inti was the sun god. Source of warmth and light and a protector of the people. Inti was considered the most important god. The Inca Emperors were believed to be the lineal descendants of the sun god.
Kon was the god of rain and wind that came from the south. He was a son of Inti and Mama Quilla.

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